Contact Me!

There are exactly five, and only five, ways to contact me. If you find another way besides the ones listed, I will be genuinely creeped out. And honestly a little impressed. Maybe even flattered.

1) If you are telepathic, I operate on wavelength 4589G4QRS9. Get in my head and send me a message!

2) If you use e-mail, you can send some cyber mail my way at

3) If you are cool enough to use snail mail, I applaud you. But no, I’m not giving out my address.

4)  Leave a comment! I love comments. TO DEATH.

5) If you’re interested in stalking me, shoot me a message and I’ll see what we can work out!


2 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Patricia Case says:

    You are BRILLIANT. I only wish I had discovered your post while working at my soon to be “old” job so I would have had something productive to do for eight hours.

    You really are a gifted writer Carly.

  2. seejamiego says:

    Carly, it’s Jamie 🙂

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