Random Musings of the Day

There was a day where I:

Pranced around the San Diego County Fair, bought a Salsa Maker (don’t judge; it was 10 bucks and the deal only lasted until 11 AM), ate the best mini donuts and only regretted it for a second, didn’t take a shower when I really should have, visited two kids I used to babysit, watched the six-year-old boy’s rendition of “I’m Glad You Came” accompanied by serious dance movements, second-guessed myself for buying the salsa maker, made salsa with the salsa maker, determined the salsa was subpar, wrote this post, told myself I’m going to use pictures in my next post, thought of a tweet, forgot to tweet it, and pet my cat until he slapped me in the face. All in all, not a bad day.

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