I’m Back! As if Anyone Cares…

Okay, I have some ‘splaining to do. So the reason why I abandoned my morals and failed to upkeep a daily blog is because a friend brought to my attention that ‘spunk’ is another word for…er…men who go out to sea. Get it? I’m talking about semen here, get with the picture. I, a naive and innocent babe, did not know of this when christening my blog. Suddenly, ‘chunkyspunk’ seemed like I should going into the plogging business (porn blogging, obvi). So I sat around (for several weeks, apparently) trying to come up with a better, more PG name. The problem is, I was already so attached to ‘chunkyspunk.’ So I changed it to ‘spunkychunk.’ Just to be sure this time, I looked up ‘spunky’ and ‘chunk’ on urban dictionary. And I discovered that it is impossible to come up with a PG name. It just it. According to urbandictionary.com, literally every word on the planet has a definition that will make your grandmother shit her pants. Ergo, I’m sticking with ‘spunkychunk.’ You more knowledgable haters can sit back, deal with it, and be ashamed for knowing to many dirty definitions.


spunkychunk. bitches.


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