I WILL Make This Deadline!

Twenty minutes until the end of the day and I’m frantically typing on my phone’s keyboard, but I refuse to let myself down. I vowed to post once a day and even if this post only ends up five sentences long, at least I will have accomplished my goal for the day.

My excuse for the post delay stems from my mini vacation – I drove home to San Diego to visit my mom and sister. The wireless in this house is as spotty as a Dalmation, and since I can’t remember any of my neighbor’s wi-go passwords, I’m condemned to rely on Steve Jobs’ iPhone 3G wireless network. If you’re reading this, he hasn’t let me down.

Tomorrow, I hope to bring something at least mildly substantial to the blogosphere, but for now, over and out.



P.S. I apologize for any typos my iPhone will not automatically correct.

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