I Do: WordPress.com, I’m Ready to Renew My Vows

It has been roughly six months since my last post. Why’s that? I could not tell you. I don’t have a noble excuse about how I was occupied helping a sick relative recover from a life-threatening operation. On the contrary, I’ve been perfectly healthy and attending to my own immediate needs (finally finished all of Ugly Betty and season 1 of Game of Thrones, what what). Why is it I have so much trouble maintaining a blog, or keeping up my twitter (it appears even 140 characters is too much for me)? This is not a rhetorical question, I honestly want someone to tell me. How can I want to be a writer and yet fail to keep up a blog? (This is also not a rhetorical question. I’m getting desperate here). I feel like a seasoned bride, once so excited to offer my time and talents to my groom only to quickly abandon the effort it takes to keep the marriage afloat. Well, here’s my apology. I’m sorry WordPress.com. I’m sorry I abused your services by promising a lasting relationship only to cheat on you mere months later.

Well, everything is about to change (and this time I actually mean it). After birthing my blog, I’ve published a grand total of 2 posts. This will be my third. But, loyal readers, (yes I am addressing my mother, sister, boyfriend, and myself here), starting today I vow to publish a post a day. I know this seems bold, but I figure announcing it here will make me less likely to renege on my self promise. And if I fail, let it be public and mortifying (by this I mean my mother will discuss my failure to be a blogger at the next Thanksgiving dinner).

What finally pushed me to public vows of commitment? The selfish act of googling myself. For reasons known only to myself and my vanity (I would make Carly Simon proud), I googled myself and was shocked, gleeful, then horrified to find out I actually showed up in not one, but multiple links. And to follow those links would be a sad affair: an abandoned twitter account, a blog with two posts (the most recent from December 2011), a tennis leader board from my college club team (I’m ranked 23 out of 25. Woo.), and my account on an Extras casting site (I’ve never been cast as an extra; I think it’s just an unspoken rule that if you live in L.A. you must be listed on some Extras casting site). See? I’m pathetic. If someone were to look me up in the search for a dedicated and prolific writer, they’d be sorely disappointed.

So, gentle readers, this is why I’m now committed. I promise to write once a day. I don’t promise that it will entertain and make your time worthwhile. I DO promise that I will be here, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. Okay, that shit got serious. Honestly, if I get so poor I have to sell my laptop, I will not continue to write for my blog. But if all goes well, you’ll be hearing from me a lot more often. And I promise never to call you “gentle readers” again.



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